To our fans across the world

Hello, nice to meet you!
We are a 60s-80s J-pop (=昭和歌謡 Showa Kayou)  cover band named Fusen Usagi (Meaning: A balloon shaped like a rabbit).
We started our career in 2005 and it is our 18th year this year.
We do live shows once a month in Japan’s two biggest cities Tokyo and Osaka.
Not only do we perform songs, we also put great effort in MCs in between songs.
We prioritise for our fans to have a fun time. “Once I see it, its addicting and I can’t help but come watch it again!”
We get these kind of comments from a lot of our fans!
Although, Showa Kayou has been greatly impacted by popular western music, with Japanese culture and the Japanese sensitivity at its base, Showa Kayou has developed in its own unique way. 
Many of you might know the song “真夜中のドア~Stay with me~” (Mayonaka no doa) that is highly valued by people all  inover the world these recent years. This song is also a Showa Kayou. There are many more wonderful Showa Kayou songs that is still not known to the world.
We have been and still are mesmerized by Showa Kayou and we hope to spread its appeal to not only those in Japan but also to people all over the world.

Band Members
•Vocal: MiuMiu
•Base: Prince Take
•Guitar: Takepon
•Piano: Michiyo
•Drums: Jun, AyuAyu
•Support Drummer: Piroshi, Tagamin
•Keyboards: We are recruiting a new member.

We have some videos uploaded on our Youtube channel so feel free to check it out!
風船うさぎチャンネル - YouTube
Also, if you have the opportunity, please come visit us in Japan to listen to our songs and watch our performance!